For many, August means fitting in those last summer activities before the kids go back to school, when long days spent outside in the backyard or by the pool will eventually become distant memories. But don't fret too much, because there are still four whole weeks in August full of national holidays and observances that will keep your mind off the closing season. Instead, focus on these fun and meaningful August holidays for a summer month full of yummy food, fun activities (with said food present), and moments spent together.

If you are feeling the pressure to cram as many last-minute family vacations and backyard adventures into the month as you can, but are at a loss for where to go or what to do, let these August holidays and observances lead you to your next destination. National Oyster Day is screaming for a seaside long weekend, while National Watermelon Day is begging you to host one last summer bash with s'mores (hello, National S'more Day!) and refreshing drinks. Speaking of which, August is also the month to celebrate International Beer Day, National Prosecco Day, and National Lemon Juice Day, so grab your preferred summer beverage and pack up for a day at the beach on National Beach Day.

While there are a lot of just-for-fun August holidays, there are also important religious and spiritual observances, including Krishna Janmashtami and the Hungry Ghost Festival, as well as meaningful days of remembrance like Rainbow Baby Day. August is also Black Business Month, Family Fun Month, and National Wellness Month. There are even whole weeks dedicated to Elvis, farmers markets, and exercising with your child. Needless to say, there is plenty to keep you and the whole family busy as you take in the last few weeks of summer in August 2022.

    august holidays
    Woman's Day

    Monday, Aug. 1

    • Colorado Day
    • National Girlfriend Day
    • Respect for Parents Day
    • Dogust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

    Tuesday, Aug. 2

    ​​Wednesday, Aug. 3

    • Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
    • National Watermelon Day
    • National Georgia Day

    Thursday, Aug. 4

    • U.S. Coast Guard Birthday
    • National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
    • Barack Obama Day
    • National White Wine Day

    Friday, Aug. 5

    • International Beer Day
    • National Oyster Day
    • National Water Balloon Day

    Saturday, Aug. 6

    • Tisha B'Av (Begins)
    • National Root Beer Float Day
    • National Play Outside Day

    Sunday, Aug. 7

    • National Friendship Day
    • National Sisters Day
    • National Lighthouse Day
    • American Family Day
    • Purple Heart Day
    • Ashura (Begins)

      Monday, Aug. 8

      • International Cat Day
      • Victory Day in Rhode Island
      • National Happiness Happens Day

      Tuesday, Aug. 9

      • National Book Lovers Day
      • National Women's Day in South Africa
      • International Day of the World's Indigenous People
      • National Veep Day

      Wednesday, Aug. 10

      • National S'mores Day
      • National Lazy Day
      • National Connecticut Day
      • National Spoil Your Dog Day

      Thursday, Aug. 11

      • Mountain Day
      • Raksha Bandhan
      • National Son and Daughter Day

      Friday, Aug. 12

      • Hungry Ghost Festival
      • National Middle Child Day
      • National Vinyl Record Day
      • World Elephant Day

      Saturday, Aug. 13

      • International Lefthanders Day
      • National Prosecco Day
      • National Filet Mignon Day
      • National Bowling Day

      Sunday, Aug. 14

      • National Navajo Code Talkers Day
      • National Creamsicle Day

      Monday, Aug. 15

      • Feast of the Assumption
      • National Relaxation Day
      • National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

      Tuesday, Aug. 16

      • Bennington Battle Day in Vermont
      • National Rum Day
      • National Roller Coaster Day
      • National Tell a Joke Day
      • National Airborne Day

      Wednesday, Aug. 17

      • National Nonprofit Day
      • National Black Cat Appreciation Day
      • National Thrift Shop Day
      • National Massachusetts Day

      Thursday, Aug. 18

      • Krishna Janmashtami ​​(Begins)
      • National Fajita Day
      • National Couple's Day

      Friday, Aug. 19

      • Hawaii Statehood Day
      • National Aviation Day
      • National Potato Day
      • World Humanitarian Day
      • World Photography Day
      • National Soft Ice Cream Day

      Saturday, Aug. 20

      • International Homeless Animals Day
      • National Radio Day
      • National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
      • National Honey Bee Day

      Sunday, Aug. 21

      • National Senior Citizens Day

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      Monday, Aug. 22

      • Rainbow Baby Day
      • National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
      • World Plant Milk Day
      • National Tooth Fairy Day

      Tuesday, Aug. 23

      • National Cuban Sandwich Day
      • National Sponge Cake Day

      Wednesday, Aug. 24

      • Paryushana Parva (Begins)
      • St. Bartholomew's Day
      • National Maryland Day
      • National Peach Pie Day
      • National Waffle Day

      Thursday, Aug. 25

      • National Banana Split Day
      • National Park Service Founders Day
      • National Whiskey Sour Day

      Friday, Aug. 26

      • Women's Equality Day
      • National Dog Day
      • National Cherry Popsicle Day

      Saturday, Aug. 27

      • Lyndon Baines Johnson Day in Texas
      • World Rock Paper Scissors Day
      • National Just Because Day

      Sunday, Aug. 28

      • The MTV VMAs
      • National Red Wine Day
      • National Cherry Turnovers Day
      • Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
      • National Thoughtful Day

      Monday, Aug. 29

      • National Lemon Juice Day
      • National Chop Suey Day
      • National Sports Day
      • More Herbs, Less Salt Day

      Tuesday, Aug. 30

      • National Grief Awareness Day
      • Frankenstein Day
      • International Cabernet Sauvignon Day
      • National Toasted Marshmallow Day
      • National Beach Day

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      Wednesday, Aug. 31

      • Ganesh Chaturthi
      • Venice Film Festival (Begins)
      • National Trail Mix Day
      • National Eat Outside Day
      • National South Carolina Day
      • International Overdose Awareness Day
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