It's no secret that Brooke Shields always looks amazing. So, when we had the opportunity to chat with Shields, we just had to ask the supermodel to share her skincare routine with us!

It may come as a surprise, but Shields admits she wasn't always on top of her beauty regimen. "I used to rush through everything, because I didn't really respect taking care of my skin. (As the largest organ in the body!) As I've gotten older, I've started to respect that more," she tells Woman's Day.

"I just fell in love with and have been learning even more about True Botanicals," says Shields, who is an ambassador for the clean beauty brand. "Their Pure Radiance Oil and their serums are just so delicious and they last so long. Their Chebula Serum is really great. And I find that it's not difficult, there's not a gazillion steps. I've been really using that and noticing that my skin looks more refreshed."

Other things that contribute to her overall wellness include using products from organic CBD company Prospect Farms, where Shields recently became Chief Brand Officer. "Their CBD oils and tinctures helping me sleep, that makes my face look better. My nighttime ritual is definitely longer than my daytime, which is a little bit of a truncated one — but I still do the cleansing and the toning and the putting it on. Or, I'll use a mask of some kind."

When it comes to fitness, Shields says, "consistency is the hardest thing for me to achieve because of my traveling and work schedule." But she's started doing "these really short workouts" with her online community, Beginning is Now, because "even the littlest amount is worth it."

"I used to say, 'Oh, well if I can't do an hour of class then I'm not going to do anything.' And you realize, even five minutes of something helps change your adrenaline, and your face looks fresher, and it brings blood to areas of your body. Even those small little things, I've been going back to them. I've learned from them and gotten really encouraged."

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