Sarah Michelle Gellar will always slay, even if there are no vampires involved. The 45-year-old actress, who famously portrayed Buffy Summers on the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, may be retired from killing demons — but she's still killing it in real life as a mom, entrepreneur, and all-around badass.

Gellar has partnered with Wells Fargo Active Cash Card to encourage others to pursue their passions, too. Woman's Day spoke to the actress about how she's prioritizing the things that bring her joy; family life with her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. and their two children, Charlotte and Rocky; and yes, her skincare routine.

"Luckily, growing up in this business, I’ve always had access to great skincare, and I understand how important it is. Not to say that I’m not a product junkie, and I love trying new brands. I love Augustinus Bader, I love Sunday Riley right now, Vintner’s Daughter. For me, it’s just about really clean skin," Gellar tells Woman's Day.

"My family always jokes that when I come in the house, I have to put on comfortable clothing and wash my face, the second that I get inside. Maybe that’s from growing up in New York City, and really being around dirt and smog. It’s like, you know the old: ‘Don’t talk to mom till she’s had coffee in the morning?’ I’m, ‘Don’t talk to mom until I’ve cleaned my face, when I’ve gotten home from being outside.’ What’s lucky is now my kids have picked up on that, and are really good about skincare as well. And sunblock, always sunblock," she shares.

There are some super affordable skincare brands the star swears by. "I love Cetaphil. I absolutely think Cetaphil is great. It really gets makeup off, really cleans the skin. It’s really gentle, if you have sensitive skin," Gellar says. "Bio-Oil is another great drugstore find, that’s great for nourishing the skin, if you have any scars from anything."

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When asked how she likes to stay physically healthy, as well as how she practices self-care for her overall wellness, Gellar admits that's something she's "learned a lot about over the last two years in particular."

"Physical health is hand-in-hand with emotional health, so you really have to look at them holistically, and not separately. I definitely like to be with friends, I find that I workout better in a class if I’m with my friends. I like to be outside, we have three dogs, it’s a great excuse to hike and be outside, and really to combine physical and mental wellness. Luckily, I do like a hard exercise. I like to sweat. For me, Pilates has always been that. I love The Studio (MDR) and Pilates Platinum, and anything in the ocean, swimming, pool, all of it."

Speaking of—as she puts it herself—"finding those things that bring me joy and bringing those back into my own life," we had to ask Gellar if she could reveal any upcoming projects. "I do have some exciting stuff, but you’ll have to standby for that," she teases. Oh, you know we will.

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