As an Emmy Award-winning actress, dancer, singer and entrepreneur, Julianne Hough, 33, puts her body — and her skin — through a lot. So it makes sense that the products she uses on a daily basis are important to her. We caught up with the multi-hyphenate entertainer to talk about her summer skincare routine, making her Broadway debut in the play POTUS, upcoming projects, and whether she sees a Broadway musical in her future.

When it comes to her morning and nighttime skincare routines, Hough tells Woman's Day, "I’ve started using a different face product called Oak Essentials, and I use all their balms because I’m all about my skin. With all the makeup I wear, it is important for me to have clean, smooth skin."

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"For my body, it’s all about how I take care of it. And BIC Soleil Escape is my way to replenish my skin and my body in a way that feels luxurious and relaxing, while also setting me up for success the next day – especially going into my Broadway shows and constantly applying body makeup. It makes me feel like a brand-new woman every time I focus on my skin, whether it’s with shaving, or my skincare, or with my face – all of it feels so good," continues Hough, who recently partnered with BIC for their Soleil Escape "Tickle Your Senses" campaign.

As far as her experience in POTUS, working with a cast of women she calls "so incredible," Hough says that "being a part of the community is the best part about being on Broadway. It really is a sense of community where you’re not going to do just this project and never see these people again. This is a deep-rooted community and it’s very special as far as the personal experience. From an artistry experience, I get to work with Susan Stroman who is a legend and five-time Tony Award winner, as well as Selina Fillinger who is our young playwright. And the entire cast is female, mainly our producers and creative team are too, so I’ve never experienced a project with this many leaders that are female and it’s been such a joy."

Hough admits that many people, herself included, assumed that her Broadway debut would have been in a musical. "But I think this topic, the concept and context of what this play represents reflects where I’m at in my life, that I wanted to be a part of this. I do see a future though for musicals and again, this isn’t about checking off the bucket list and then peacing out. I want to be part of this community as long as they’ll have me."

So, what's next for Hough's career after POTUS closes in August? In addition to having "a couple film and TV projects in the pipeline," she says she's continuing to grow her wine company with actress Nina Dobrev, Fresh Vine Wine, as well as her wellness company, KINRGY. "There are lots of fun things coming in the next six months to a year," she teases.

"From a life perspective, I’m so excited about this phase of life living in New York and feeling the energy and connected to the world. LA feels like the entertainment world but New York feels like the whole world – it’s fashion, it’s beauty, it’s theatre, it’s wellness, it’s whatever you want it to be. You have everything here and you’re constantly being introduced to new ideas and people and concepts," Hough says. "I feel like I’m in a very curious stage of life right now."

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